About Me

A photograph of Grace standing next to a street sign in Hella, Iceland.

My name is Grace.

All my life, I’ve been obsessed with global travel. As a kid, I always loved reading stories of how other cultures lived. I chased Carmen Sandiego around the world as an intrepid detective, poring over the pages of my world almanac for clues. I also had a childhood collection of airline barf bags that sadly got thrown away at some point. Nowadays, I geek out about maps, metros, and the histories of cities. I also attend Formula One races every so often.

For the past several years, I’ve made good on a resolution to travel somewhere new once a year. One day, I realized that I’d accumulated so many stories and photos—and yet few had seen or heard them. I’ve also had friends ask me for travel advice: where to go, what to pack, how to get a good deal.


The experience of arriving in a totally foreign place is one of life’s greatest thrills. When I traveled abroad on my own for the first time, I experienced an incredible buzz that still happens every time I touch down in an unfamiliar place. Suddenly the world is a big mystery: you don’t know your way around; you can’t read the street signs or speak the language.

But, something happens. Day by day, you figure it out: the best route to the park, how to say “please” and “thank you” without tripping over your words, a personal breakdown of the best lunch spots you tried. You might even meet new friends.

Yet, no city, region, or country can ever be fully understood in a single lifetime, let alone a single trip. So you return home, dreaming of the day that you can experience that high all over again. This is your brain on travel.

Want to know where I’ve been? Start with Destinations. I’m gradually adding stories about my past travels.

Wanna talk? I’m always open to suggestions for new things to check out, so if you have any recommendations, please share! If you have any questions or feedback for me, you can send ’em to me directly. I’m also sharing on social media, including FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Pinterest. And of course, you can always leave a comment on the blog.

Stay trippin’—