Mokuhankan Making Waves on Kickstarter

[Katsushika Hokusai, “The Great Wave at Kanagawa”.  / Source: The Metropolitan Museum of Art]

Congratulations to David Bull and his printmaking partners on hitting their Kickstarter goal on the very first day (in 78 minutes!). The latest crowdfunding campaign from the bearded woodblock printer—known widely for his role in the wildly successful Ukiyo-e Heroes Kickstarter project—is intended to raise funds for the construction of a new print shop in central Tokyo.

Back in 2012, I visited David’s home studio in the suburbs of Tokyo for a hands-on lesson in traditional Japanese woodblock printing—the new Asakusa studio aims to provide that memorable experience to a wider audience, along with the opportunity to view and purchase fine woodblock prints.

It’s been just about one week since the latest Kickstarter campaign launched, and the project has already raised five times its goal. David has been posting updates about what the extra funding will do to upgrade the shop—think new tatami mat flooring and super fast Wi-Fi for guests!—so additional donations are still highly appreciated.

Looking forward to visiting Mokuhankan in Asakusa on my next trip to Tokyo!


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