Lee Quiñones ,"Howard the Duck" (1988). Oil on canvas

Old & New York

[“Lee Quiñones ,”Howard the Duck”. Source: Museum of the City of New York”]

With a trip to NYC coming up,  I’ve been thinking about what to check out while I’m in town. Since I’ve been there before, I’m planning to include some sights that I haven’t seen yet.

Yeah, MOMA and the Met are world-class, but when visiting a major metropolis like New York City, I often like to check out smaller museums, too. It just so happens that this spring, the Museum of the City of New York has an exhibit, “City as Canvas”, that focuses on graffiti art—something I find to be quintessentially New York.

Something that’s become new New York is Brooklyn Flea, a year-round flea market that now spans multiple locations and a separate all-food market, Smorgasburg. Hoping to find some unique souvenirs while I’m there.

For nightlife, I’ll be keeping an eye on the schedule for the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre—with show tickets as low as $5, it’s cheaper than a night at the movies.

And finally, cliché or not, I gotta visit the observation deck at Top of the Rock—hey, I might get some interesting photos out of it!

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