3/11, Three Years Later

Today marks three years since the devastating earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear plant disaster in Japan. My family and I lived in the Tōhoku region briefly, and while my memories of life there are more like brief film vignettes than anything (I was still of pre-school age), what little I remember revolves around the beauty of its natural landscape.

While news about the disaster nowadays focuses on the nuclear plant, there are still displaced residents in need of aid, people who desire a return to normalcy. One unique charity organization extending a hand to Tōhoku residents is Zapuni: their mission is to provide instruments and music education for children in Fukushima. Zapuni have been promoting their charity work recently through music video collaborations between famous animators and musicians. Their latest work is a charming music video done by the studio behind “Domo-kun”, set to Sade’s “By Your Side”.

On the anniversary of the Tōhoku disaster, GlobalGiving.org is currently matching donations to all charities that aid in Tōhoku recovery efforts (such as Zapuni). Please take a look.


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