A photograph of an airplane parked on the tarmac at Kahului Airport, in Maui, Hawaii.

Hello, World!

Happy New Year! With the past year behind us, it’s time to look forward to 365.25 days of possibilities and resolve to do something. Every year for the past ten years, my annual resolution has always been the same: to travel somewhere new.

While that hasn’t changed in 2014, what’s new is that I’ve also resolved to start blogging about my past, present, and future travels.

When I traveled abroad on my own for the first time, I experienced an incredible buzz that still happens every time I touch down in an unfamiliar place. Suddenly the world is a big mystery: you don’t know your way around; you can’t read the street signs or speak the language. But, something happens. Day by day, you figure it out: the best route to the park, how to say “please” and “thank you” without tripping over your words, a personal breakdown of the best lunch spots you tried. You might even meet new friends.

Yet, no city, region, or country can ever be fully understood in a single lifetime, let alone a single trip. So you return home, dreaming of the day that you can experience that high all over again.

Where am I going this year? I’ll share that with you soon enough.

Where are you going in 2014? Drop me a line in the comments or send me a message.


[Photo: An airplane parked on the tarmac at Kahului Airport, in Maui, Hawaii. Taken by Grace / Hella Trippin]


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